Dedicated Page to the RemDB Chat
Buffele 07/16/17

The Chat has been enhanced and works on mobile perfectly aswell!


About 1 year ago, we made an addition to S4DB (our chat feature). Ever since the chat system has been added, it has been in a continuous enrichment process. I, the main head-lead of the S4DB platform (Buffele) have been working on it for a long time already and today it is time that you all will be introduced to this latest feature (the project is not finished yet, this is a small release before the full chat application comes out).

Now, there will be a dedicated S4DB Chat Page, there, you may use the chat in full screen, navigate through all your chats with ease and untroubled. On the left side, you are now able to see all your chats and on the right, the messages. We have added many new features to the Chat in order for it to be particular. You can see all the identities of a player, access harefooted actions dashing through everything else and even see the avatar in its full size! For groups you are now able to change the image, so you can restyle it to a picture that matches your group, either for fun or just to reach it faster.

The first time in history, this feature was built mobile-first, meaning, it is fully compatible with your smartphone. We are really proud of this and can't wait for you to try it out.

We have much more in the works and there are still a lot of incoming features for the new chat, this is just the kickoff.

I'd also like to thank the closed beta testers that helped me to discover the so called, bugs, and offered me good feedback.

Questions, Suggestions or came across a bug (not the one in your kitchen)? Don't hesitate to reach me:[CC]WinureCC


Dedicated Page to the RemDB Chat - RemDB