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Level: 70
Touchdown Rate: 0.0
Kill/Death Rate: 0.0
Online Time: 1,093 Hours
131,840 / 191,800 114,040 / 293,600
68% 38%
EXP overall: 3,446,440 | Per hour: 3,151
Matches: 1,935 | Win Rate: 66.8%
- Won: 1,293
- Lost: 642
Last Online in Game: 293 days ago
Last Online on RemDB: 68 days ago
Favorited 75 times.
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3,446,440 EXP
Rank: Coming Soon!
0.0 Touchdown Rate
Rank: Coming Soon!
45D 13H 48M
Rank: Coming Soon!
0.0 Kill/Death Rate
Rank: Coming Soon!
3,151 EXP/h
Rank: Coming Soon!
Rank: Coming Soon!
TD Score: 0
DM Score: 0
Chaser Survivability: 0%
BR Score: 0
Captain Score: 0
Siege Score: 0
TD Score: 0
Win Percentage: 0%
TD Points Score: 0
TD Total Success: 0
Defense Score: 0
Offense Score: 0
Kill Score: 0
Recovery Score: 0
DM Score: 0
Win Percentage: 0%
DM Kill / Death: 0% (0)
Kill Score: 0
Kill Assist Score: 0
Recovery Score: 0
Survival Probability: 0%
Kill Probability: 0%
Kills: 0
BR Score: 0
First Place Kills: 0
First Place Times: 0
Captain Score: 0
Captain Kills: 0
Domination: 0
Siege Score: 0
Win Percentage: 0%
Capture Score: 0
Battle Score: 0
Main Core Capture Score: 0
Item Obtain Score: 0
Age: 19
Hobby: Unknown
Work: Unknown
Expertise: Legend
Started: Unknown
I’m addicted to choppers and long nights, devil on sight
Said he don’t want me living the long life, but he wrong right
I know niggas be mad as shit, we gon’ run up a bag, split it in half
Can’t fuck up no packages, you shot my cousin bring no bandages
You left me hanging wasn’t mad you switched
And that was the saddest
They got the federally tryna ask me shit
I get low and I’m passing
Got it now situation got the back and grips
Throwing bullets like Madden we hit a touchdown on your block it’s lit
Did him dirty for capping, no we don’t care what you jacking
You in a wrong move that’s a classic
Came with a long clip everlasting
Marry money I’m in love with the cashing
Blue hundreds think I find them attractive.
[C]urse - RemDB