Terms of Service

Welcome to RemDB. By registering an account to RemDB you are entitled access to the website. Upon creating the account you also take the responsibility of agreeing to the website’s Terms of Service and to abide by the guidelines below. Failure to do so can lead to restrictions or denial of access on the website with or without an explanation if possible. You are responsible for reading and understanding the terms below as you are assumed, as the user, to know the expectations of the website you are frequenting. Ignorance is not an excuse for any infraction received. Please read all the contents below and understand what you are agreeing to. These rules are subject to change in minor or major ways and an announcement is not guaranteed to be given. Please be aware of these changes while reading and update your knowledge on the rules below frequently. These rules are always open interpretation when necessary and it is also your responsibility to stay updated on it from here onward.

Website Rules

The following rules / terms will be broken down into several sections pertaining to the area of the site. There will be a “General Rules” section that will apply to the website regardless of the area. There will also be individual rules for specific features such as “Newsfeed”, “Shoutbox”, “Private Messaging”, and “Profiles”. Please read carefully as to avoid confusion between each area and understand that these are always up for interpretation. Bans will be judged based upon quality instead of quantity. Mild things will receive either a warning or a quick punishment with a short duration. This will occur regardless of your previous reprimands. Additionally, moderators will discuss what is best suited for something more severe or involves several users. If the team decides that you fail to take into consideration the wrongs of your actions time after time, this may result in substantial durations or permanent restrictions from our site. These durations are also subject to change at any time. Special circumstances that may ignore this procedure for example can pertain to unverified accounts referred to under General Rules. The shoutbox will generally be unaffected by this decision.
We also want to stress that we are incapable of monitoring every little detail of the site due to the mass amount of posts and comments. We are not responsible for what people post; they are user generated and we cannot prevent the content from being posted and it is our job to determine if it is appropriate or not afterwards. We enforce the rules to ensure that it is permitted. You post what you want to and are responsible for whatever it might be. Please be mature!

General Rules

The rules listed below apply to the site in its entirety. They are applied to every section possible, including but not limited to profiles, Newsfeed, comments, etc. There are no exception for crossing these prohibitions and they will be enforced regardless of excuses.
Unverified Accounts
There is an unyielding usage of unverified accounts for an alternative way of delivering antagonistic content. Because of this, there is a discrepancy between the punishment for an unverified and verified account. Violation of any term by an unverified account will most likely be subject to a permanent ban for any violation. You are highly encouraged to verify your account for the privilege of normal procedures.
It is our job to ensure the site is not subject to utterly useless and irrelevant messages that serve the sole purpose of annoying other users. Do not repeatedly post for the purpose of bumping Newsfeed, berating users with notifications, or lengthening the profile of a user pointlessly. Anything that comes from your username constantly will be judged accordingly.
Explicit Material
Off-topic material ill-suited for a general audience is not acceptable. Common examples include pornography or gore. The exception to this rule is directed towards player Profiles. You are permitted to post anything with the HIDE function as long as they are not categorized as actual pornography or gruesome material Since the HIDE function creates it as a private message only to be seen by you and the recipient, we will not intervene as strongly as we have in the past. There will be exceptions if we believe they hold ulterior motives, however. Please do not abuse this function.

We do not promote any nudity, porn, soft-porn, anything that would make our members uncomfortable.
Personal Content of Others
The posting of another person’s identity, personal information (this includes pictures and chat messages too), or works without their permission is not condoned. We expect you to respect the privacy and ownership of another person, and any usage of their content will result in proper punishment for the lack of it. You are permitted to post your own personal photos, information, and works on the website as you please, but we cannot be held liable for the distribution of it beyond our website. Post at your own risk!
Hack Exchanging
Discussing methods of obtaining hacks or conversations regarding in relation to hacks are prohibited. This includes talking about hacking in general, including hacker groups. We do not in any way support the spreading of such material or discussions and it will lead to a permanent ban regardless. This applies to everything on RemDB, such as the newsfeed, shoutbox, messages, chat, comments and your personal profile description.
General Behavior
We expect you all to be civil with each other. We understand that this is a competitive environment, and by all means feel free to make it one. It should be known that there is a difference between friendly competition and pointless bouts. Please do your best to put your ego aside and act mature. Frequent and belligerent trolling is also not acceptable. We also ask that you stay away from vulgarity even though you may rarely be punished for it. However, there are altercations with this depending on the context, frequency, and intention of it. We also are aware that some of you may engage in “funny arguments”. Also, making a new account or using another account to evade even a temporary ban will only escalate your punishment. By all means, joke around. Just refrain from taking it to a level where it could be mistaken as actual hostilities.
Ban Appealing
Unfortunately, we currently do not have a proper method for this at the time. Instead, you must engage in the temporary solution we have set up. If you think you have been wrongfully banned, please create an unverified account and proceed to PM a moderator with your name and as much information as possible. With that, we can proceed with investigation and provide a reason or a lift on your ban in the event that it is wrongful. This will be changed in the future.
Reports / Questions / Etc
Upon receiving a report from a moderator, understand that this is a private matter between you and the one who sent it. We do not disclose anything about anyone, and we expect mutual feelings of this. If you have questions or concerns regarding what you have received or about an action taken by a moderator, please PM any of the moderators and you will receive what you request. Seeking further information through methods such as the Newsfeed or Shoutbox feature will be deleted and you will be engaged properly for doing so. We wish to keep actions regarding users' private, so we hope you can respect that decision as well. Improper methods lead to nothing but issues for everyone. This also applies to complaints regarding moderators. If you have issues with a moderator for whatever the reason may be, contact another moderator immediately and explain your plight. Please, we encourage you, speak to us directly.
Staff Disrespecting
Speaking rudely to staff members will earn you an account termination, depending on the depth of the situation. RemDB's staff is here to make sure your staying on RemDB is pleasing. Failure in respecting the Staff Members will result in your account being banned, or award you with a harsher punishment if you're already being punished.
You are not allowed to advertise anything on RemDB. This includes community servers and ends with raffles. Clan Websites are an exception.
Selling & Buying
Selling or Buying stuff on RemDB is strictly forbidden. Content like this will be immediately removed. We don't support illegal trading at all.
Account Sharing
It is forbidden to share your account with anyone. If you do this, you're at risk on getting your account banned.
Drugs & Alcoholic Content
This website is open to all age groups and therefore we forbid it to share drugs or alcoholic Content. Content like this will be immediately removed.
You are not allowed to beg for anything on RemDB including views, accounts, premium items or anything else. Such content will be removed.
User hosted Tournaments & Giveaways
You are not allowed to publish a tournament or giveaway without the written consent from us. In order to create these kind of posts you have to contact the Support and choose "Business" as the subject. If you publish a post like that, it will be removed without further notice.


The S4 Database Newsfeed refers to both the post and their related comments. Due to the high traffic that can occur with this website’s feature we must advise you away from poor behavior. Monitoring this feature can be very time-consuming for our moderators, so we ask that you please do them the courtesy of trying to show some when using it.
Repeat Posts
Refrain from posting multiple posts of the same content, whether it be text, picture, or video. In the event that you claim it was not intentional, you yourself are capable of deleting repeated posts and can still be held responsible if left alone. If you are struggling to do so, please contact a proper moderator for assistance if necessary.
“Fame / Hate” Posts
Using the Newsfeed to request fame / hate is not permitted. These posts do more harm than good and usually derail into arguments. They serve no purpose and should not be posted.
Flame Wars
There is an abundant amount of flaming in this section. We will not tolerate this slandering the site any longer. If you have personal issues with each other take it into privacy. Don’t use the Newsfeed to cause a dramatic fight for all to see. Keep it in privacy and don’t involve the entire community into your squabbles. We will not tolerate it.
“EZPZ” / ”Tooler” / ”Hacker” Posts
There are a lot of these, and so they shall be restrained. Posts like these can be considered harassment, and as such, they will be deleted if the person you are describing in them decides to report it as so. If you think someone is using illegitimate methods while playing the game and you have evidence, go report in a ticket instead of posting on here. It will do nothing. There is nothing wrong with trying to inform people, but do not make a public show out of it. It will always lead to arguing. Posting results of matches saying “ezpz” can also be classified as such and will follow in this regard. Don’t be a poor sport and try to trash talk people just for the fun of it. The only posts that are subject to exclusion from this are ones that are not directed towards a group or individual. We will know when someone is attempting to bypass this rule.
Post Pushing
Don't push your post with comments in order to stay on stop in the newsfeed. This is considered spamming and will be handled accordingly.
Deleted Posts
Don't create the post again if it was deleted. There is always a reason when your post got deleted. Think about it and re-read the terms if you are not sure. You may also contact the RemDB Support. Also don't create a post and ask publicly why your post got deleted. Don't use the shoutbox for this either. This is not the way to go.


Due to the fact that there is a common amount of quarrels that occur in the shoutbox, we ask that you stay away from arguments and flame wars. If you are banned from the shoutbox for any reason and your appeal is denied then please wait it out. The rules for the shoutbox are as follows:
Flame Wars
Once again, flame wars are prohibited in this as well. This is a public space for other users as well, so please be courteous to the other users and take your disputes into privacy. There should be no reason to announce your disputes about each other publically.
Language Channels
A variety of different channels have been created to accommodate the diverse languages of the game. We ask that you use the language to the appropriate channel you are chatting in. Incorrect languages will be deleted accordingly.

Private Messaging

Private messaging is just that; private. Moderators are incapable of viewing them, and we have no control over them. Reporting private messaging is optional; meaning you can settle your personal arguments here to your hearts content. You are capable of kicking and leaving private messages, so keep this in mind. However there is the situation where someone is continually harassing you and you have told them to stop and left their PMs previously. If something like this occurs then you can screenshot it and send it to a moderator and proper action will be taken.


Much like private messaging, people are capable of deleting comments on their own profiles. You are capable of moderating content on your own profile and are expected to do so. You may contact a moderator to take control of situations that escalate out of control on your profile. This may include arguments on your profile or a user constantly spamming you.


You are responsible for your own account. This includes but is not limited to choosing a safe password and keeping it private to yourself. We strongly recommend you stay from using passwords used on other websites as well, as you are directly responsible for what happens to your account. None of the staff members will ask for your password, and there is no reason for anyone to ask you for it either.
We have put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure user information. Your password is stored securely, and it is unlikely you will lose your account through methods other than word of mouth. Data loss is also a very rare occurrence and everyone should be aware that such an event is not out of question no matter how unlikely. Your IP is logged for many actions for your own security in the case your account is compromised. We are not responsible for the loss of your account information.
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